Aridient takes pride in its own GPS portal- the itrack4u. Tracking your assets has never been this easy.
Aridient is in the business of providing technical support for over 20 years. This allows our team of experts to help traditional businesses to GO DIGITAL. In addition, our team continuously strives to help you create a solid foundation in the digital platform of your choice.
  • They're compact:  Today's GPS tracking systems are as compact as a small cell phone and can easily be tossed into the car, a briefcase or handbag.
  • They're easy to use:  GPS trackers are no longer complicated technical gadgets for computer nerds only.  GPS tracking devices are as easy to use as any pager or cell phone.  In addition, GPS tracking software is now available as user-friendly online applications.
  • They solve crimes:  Thanks to GPS tracking software and cutting-edge GPS tracking capabilities, GPS tracking systems are solving crimes every day by quickly locating stolen merchandise and/or vehicles.
  • They save money for business owners:  GPS tracking devices assist business owners with fuel efficiency, employee monitoring, and security for vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • They're more affordable than ever:  Although once a luxury for those with large budgets, GPS tracking systems are now widely accessible for those with budgets of every size.  Constant developments in GPS tracking technology and increased demand are making GPS tracking systems more affordable every day.
  • They work from anywhere on Earth:  Today's GPS tracking systems and allow fast, accurate and reliable GPS tracking from anywhere on the planet.