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Incorporated in 2002, as a locally established company with presence in Malaysia, Singapore and China. With operations in China, Singapore and Malaysia and a combined management and technical experience of more than 20 years, backed by qualified software engineers and professionals, Aridient is well poised to carry out simple software development work to progressive and complex deployment ensuring that investment in its services, solutions and products will yield long term positive and measurable results for client’s organisation. Had developed numerous Government Projects since Year 2006. Expertise in php, .NET, Domino, MsSQL, mobile apps. Our Principle : ”Building e- Solutions That Make Business Sense”


Knowledge Management (KM)

Aridient will assist company’s in reviewing its information requirements before deciding on deploying the necessary KM solutions

Web /Mobile Application Solution

we have developed numerous Applications using ASP, ASP.Net, VB, JAVA, J2EE, PHP, DOMINO, Mobile Apps etc.

@Shield Support

A Maintenance and Support Service Package, to resolve customer’s technical issues whilst helping maintain their critical service levels.

Professional Placement

Provide the professional help and manpower you require to fill the skill gaps that may create the barrier to achieving your business objectives

our core products


Innovate your company digitally
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